With great joy and a humble heart,

I´m thankful to be sponsored by the best music instrument companies on this planet!


Mit großer Freude und demütigem Herzen bin ich dankbar, von den besten Musikinstrumenten Firmen dieser Welt gesponsert zu werden!


SONOR Drums & PAISTE Cymbals




Thorsten Schmidt, SONOR www.sonor.com 

Jörg Kohlmorgen, PAISTE www.paiste.com 

Curt Doernberg, MUSIC WEIN www.musikwein.de

Simon Steinhoff, Korg&More www.korg.com

Birgit Helfrich & Frank Rohe, M&T

Martin Seeliger & Markus Hoppe, LAKEWOOD GUITARS www.lakewood-guitars.de

Regal Tip www.regaltip.com

Thorsten Reeß, Mr.Muff www.mistermuff.de 

Ingo Renner, Düsenberg www.duesenberg.de


SONOR Vintage Series, Vintage Pearl (ooohhh...how I love it! So nice...in sound & look)


"22"x14", "24"x14 Bassdrum

"14"x 6 CottonWood Main Snare, "14"x 6 1/2 Vintage Series Side Snare

"10"x8, "12"x8, "13"x8, Tom Tom

"16"x14, "18"x16 Floor Toms

"18"x14 Gong Tom



Pearl DR-1 ( yeahhh...it´s old school....but it´s a "Warship" of a drumrack...hahaha  ;) )

Mapex Cymbalarms

DW 9000 Kik Pedal

SONOR 600 Hardware

AHEAD Drum Seat (I can tell you....on of the most comfort seats I know)


PAISTE Cymbals "Dark Energy", "Traditional" Series

(it´s the Heart & Soul of my drum sound...I use them most of the time)


"14" Traditional Hi Hat

"20" Mark 1 Series Ride

"17", "18", "19" Mark 1 Series Crash

"16" Traditional Crash

"20" Twenty Series China


PAISTE Cymbals "Signature" Series (crispy & with lots of brightness...great for Popmusic)


"20" Ride

"17", "18" "19" Full Crash

"14" Dark Crisp Hi Hat

"14" Heavy Hi Hat


PAISTE Cymbals "Masters" Series (if I need a more old school & vintage kinda sound)


"15" Masters Hi Hat

"19" Crash

"20" Crash


REMO Drumheads Ambassador Clear & Coated (no compromises!)

Powerstroke 3 Clear Bassdrum

Ambassador Coated on top, Tom Toms

Ambassador Clear Resonance, Tom Toms

CS. Coated Black Dot Snare, Main Snare

Ambassador Coated, Side Snare



Regal Tip 8A, 5A



Mac Book Pro

Cubase 09, Samplitude Pro X2 



Ahead Drumbags


In Ear

Compact Monitors 






Electric Guitar

1 x Music Man "Luke II" Series

1 x Düsenberg Gran Majesto

1 x Düsenberg Mando 12 String


Acoustic Guitar

1 x Lakewood M 32 cp

1 x Faith 12 String

1 x Gibson SJ-200 Standart


Guitar Amp & Pedalboard

1 x Vox AC 15

1 x Fender Hot Rod Deville 4 x 10

1 x Kemper Profiling Amp

1 x Kemper Remote Control

1 x Düsenberg Gold Boost

1 x Boss Tuner

1 x Mojo Mojo

1 x Lehle Little Dual

1 x Boss Volume Pedal